Avoid Paying Full Retail for Craft Supplies and Gifts

Hobby-lobby-couponJoann-couponsWith holidays around the corner, maybe you need a some stuff to craft that perfect decoration…or buy a crafty gift for giving.  If the vein of being frugal, make sure you don’t pay full retail if you don’t have to.  Right? Craft stores offers offer 40%-50% off coupons that regularly come with the Sunday newspaper.  But, if you’re not one of those folks who does not buy/read the Sunday paper anymore (though you probably should buy it for $1 at Dollar Tree for the coupons), you can still get your hands on those craft store coupons.

Visit the websites of the three big local craft stores: Michaels, JoAnn’s, and Hobby Lobby.  There you can either find the coupons to print or save on your mobile device. You can also sign up to have them texted or emailed to you on a regular basis.

While the coupons on this page are for this week only, you can get updated ones by visiting the coupon pages of the stores’ websites directly.





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